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Melissa Snyder, Heart-centered Master of Transformation

Hello! I’m Melissa Snyder - a heart-centered Master of Transformation. I am a wife and the mother of three daughters, who have given me hands-on experience with confidence development and creating thriving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As a health and lifestyle coach, I specialize in emotional mastery and work extensively with the intersection of physiology, emotion, and neurology. I passionately believe that healing is possible and am committed to that reality in both my personal experience and my professional work. I help women who struggle with self doubt and realizing their greatness learn how to believe in themselves, so they can make their desires a reality without self sabotage.   

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Dana Pierce, Self-Love Coach

I’m a Self-Love Coach and I help women break free from their “I’m Not Good Enough” stories. So they can stop being “At War With Themselves” and start creating the life of their dreams.

If you’re done with the self-sabotage and playing small, and you’re ready to ask the big question, what do I really really want? - I’m here to help you create it!

As a certified, registered Health and Lifestyle Transformational Coach, I bring a background in Psychology, Field & Energy Work, Reiki and EBT. This combined with several powerful coaching tools, including TCM* which is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, intellectual listening, shadow work, family system work, intuitive coaching and lifestyle design, helps me support my clients in creating transformation and lasting change in their lives.

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Kristen Griffin, Happy Healthy Coach

I am a certified health and life coach, hold a masters in psychology and counseling and am a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200). Teaching, coaching, and mentoring in some capacity since 1997, I’m passionate about people "living their happy" and believe that health is at the center - WHOLE health, mind, body, spirit, and diet.

I coach from the heart, inspiring people to ditch mediocrity, attain their goals, and transform their lives. I also teach people how to stop stretching themselves thin, achieve balance, and make thriving non-negotiable so they create the lasting change they have always wanted. As a result people rewrite their stories, moving from a life they previously thought out of reach to the life they always envisioned.  

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Catherine Gagnon, Energy and Emotional Empowerment Mentor

I love to help people who are tired of feeling tired, create sustained focused energy, mental clarity, vitality and self-confidence so that they can stop the negative spiral of emotions and start expressing their truth in a way that is authentic and empowering. As they come out of hiding, my clients build the courage to accomplish their wildest dreams as they live their life with even more joy, love, happiness and freedom!

As a Health & Wellness Coach and former Nurse Practitioner, I combine the Art and Science of Health and Wellness through transformational conversations using my unique Energy Equation to harmonize the mind, body and soul connection for optimal living. I am a specialist at spotting “energy leaks” within people and helps them plug the leaks with ease. Also a stage 3 chronic Lyme disease survivor, I have developed a rare expertise in helping people regain their life over Lyme through coaching about a powerful natural protocol and the habits to incorporate for optimal healing. I am a scientist, artist, lifelong learner and a hang-glider pilot who loves humanity.