Is Capturing the Moment Taking You Out of the Moment?

Our bodies were all touching gently and easily in a relaxed family hump like a bowl of noodles, even Bounty, our dog lay his head on one of Hope's legs that was sprawled out connected to Mark. She shared her story about her Water Dragon, Splash, that she was working on. I loved this moment. My body leaning on her, Brooke leaning on me, us all enraptured together giving our hearts, minds and souls to her. thought of I love this moment, turned into ah, I would love to capture this moment. I'll grab my phone in the other room and come back, to capture the way the sun is hitting the cream rug so warmly, Hope's loose braids in my foreground view while I look over her shoulder to the penciled words and illustrations on pages she has stapled together. I was out of the moment. Pause. "Stay in the moment," a voice said. I listened.

I love that she chooses to express her imagination in words and in stories. I notice her underlined words - those she knows are not correctly spelled - are throughout the book and I love that she chooses to write her book, noticing what is not quite correct, while still moving forward to tell the story. The story reminds me of the story that we must all tell. (I hesitate after I type the word "must", I don't like the words of absolutes, but "must" feels best for now) Our story is the truth of what burns within us, longing to be expressed.

What is my lesson here? How is this happening for me? I have come accustomed to asking these questions to myself. This comes to me now, as I write this. It tells me now, to move forward, stay in action, tell my story, notice the not quite correct, the parts still in the process of being learned, and to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

This is my lesson today, it is for me as I prepare to expand my coaching to touch more people. It has felt so safe and comfortable. I love my clients. I will honour them while I am expanding to honour the corporate history that I have. (I turned away from it for a while to explore the other parts of me). I am ready now to give it the attention it calls for. It is not just a part of my past, it is an important part of who I am now. It is calling to be embraced once again, as a productive part of me (being upgraded to let go of some of the blocks that it once created. I honour the blocks now, it has led me closer to my truth). I'm giving myself permission to let all of me shape my future, while also discovering the not yet discovered. It will be a gradual process of unfolding and I am peacefully excited about it.

For a few seconds, I was out of present moment, thinking about capturing the moment. Instead of getting my phone, I chose to come back to the moment. I breathed fully. I took it in more deeply. I noticed exactly what I was appreciating. Staying present led me to my lesson. Minutes spent sharing in a family moment in full and deep appreciation is sparking me with energy to move forward on my next steps to my business - Mmmm, I'm feeling thankful and relaxed - I have been seeking my next step for the last few weeks. It feels aligned.

I want to remember: This moment is happening for me. It always is. Be present.

Do you get out of the moment, trying to capture the moment? What might you be missing in the meantime? Breathe, notice what you love, and ask yourself, "How is this moment happening for me?"