My Story

Before I found health coaching...

Food confusion and stress

I surrendered myself to different plans, worked through conflicting advice, struggled with self punishment and pushed myself through stressful expectations. It was a grind. I was determined to figure it all out. I used my strengths of planning, discipline and execution to experiment with many different approaches. I had well meaning parents that passionately followed the latest trending diet plan. I recall forced bean curd drinks and carrot juices. The journey was stressful with must do's and don'ts, constantly changing extremes, and well-meaning but often conflicting advice. I struggled for years with energy spikes and crashes, even to the point of fainting spells.

My lifestyle left me exhausted and tense

I was always working long hours and taking on intense development and projects. A few years ago I took on an intense MBA which left me burnt out. Slowly, I started clawing my way back to the life I wanted for myself. I commuted for two hours a day in order to support an acreage lifestyle. Still, I felt myself endlessly working on tasks rather than enjoying quality moments in life. Treasured moments with myself, family, and friends were few and far between, and even started feeling like too much effort because I didn't have the energy to give to them. I got sick often and it would extend for days leaving me completely spent. It was normal for me to be impatient, snappy and frustrated on a daily basis.

I was starting to accept the common complaints of life

Afternoon energy slumps are normal. It's normal to lose interest as you get older. Baby weight just can't be lost. As you get older more things hurt, metabolism slows down, and libido drops. PMS mood swings are just part of life. Kids drive us crazy. Deep wounds are too hard to heal. You can't really have it all.

The moment everything changed...

Actually, there were a few moments that culminated together over the years. Here is one that stuck out in my memory. One day I was passionately working on an Human Resources project with a coworker and he responded to one of my ideas with, "Crystal, it's not like we are trying to change the world or anything." I felt that comment like a dagger to my heart. I remember uncontrollably sobbing that night, because I knew he was right. I was not going to change the world, not because of the project, or the job, or the company, but because I was not living my best life. It was a painful reminder of the life un-lived. I am so grateful to that coworker for that comment he made years ago.

From that moment, I had a renewed commitment to only move towards what would honour the best version of me so that I could have the biggest impact on this world. I am thankful every day that I found Health Coaching. This program is more progressive than I have ever seen, and truly takes the most important curated nutrition information that can heal 90% of the most common behaviour based conditions, and most cutting edge brain science to create a wonderfully supportive program for people to FINALLY master habit change.

How I live my best self now

Life looks and feels incredibly different now. Actions, beliefs, and feelings are shaping into a life that is more fully expressed with endless possibilities. Food and activity choices are deliberate and keep me in my most energized and positive state. I lost that last stubborn 10 pounds. Energy spikes are rare, instead calm energy nourishes me throughout the day. I rarely get sick anymore and when I do, the joy of life nourishes and heals me more quickly. I pace myself for sustainable excellence. I am overflowing with gratitude.

Self care delivers greater care for others. I have a surplus that I enjoy giving to my family and community. I look forward to connecting with people, looking into their eyes, and sharing the love I have at every opportunity. Libido is up, yup, my husband is much happier! Camping trips and holidays are easier on the family, I don't stress the small stuff! I hear criticism, and I'm genuinely thankful for the feedback, and truly move forward stronger. Long time wounds are starting to heal, and my capacity to love and forgive is growing.

Are there still slow downs, obstacles, and unexpected detours? Absolutely! Do I still get grumpy and low at times? Yes. I am human and my journey towards mastery is filled with constant adjustments to what life brings. But I am happy in a way I have never been before, and I am forever grateful for that.

The best part

I'm actually falling in love with myself again. Where I can move and simply enjoy what my body can do. Where I feel gratitude as my body embraces another; what a gift to fully be able to accept love from others. I feel a deeper connection to nature, myself, my husband, my girls, my animals and all the wonderful souls that I am fortunate enough to cross paths with.  

It blows my mind what this has done to all areas of my life and I am excited to explore how much more I can contribute to this world as I continue to step into this higher version of myself. It is a lifelong journey. It nourishes me every step of the way. It nourishes others.

If my dream comes true, health coaching will be as common as the home computer and the world will shift just a little, as people become more empowered through a deeper connection to their truth. They will let their light shine because they won't be able to contain it. They will be so full, that they will need to contribute more to those around them - all of this because they finally gave themselves permission to be their absolute best. Ah, the thought of it gives me tingles. Let's do this.

Which part of my journey do you most relate to? Please comment below.