You’re stressed, tired and putting yourself last.

You’ve got a ton to offer to the world, but you’re sick of having no energy and neglecting your deepest needs.

There is a solution. It’s the support, system and accountability you need to create lasting transformation. A bespoke action plan customized to your needs and values. 

When I first came to Crystal, I could not sit and get up without pain due to inflammation. I would get overwhelmed with emotions of guilt and panic. Change felt hard. I snacked every night and could not have a grasp of good snacks and meals. I also LOVED sugar, worse than heroin, I’m sure! I would become defeated very quickly and say, “Screw it, I don’t know what is really working, I’ll just open the wine and a bag of chips. I am thrilled that now that so much has changed. I can hug my 4 year old without pain. I’m eating well and feeling great. I am meal planning and preparing snacks. I don’t feel denied and feel more freedom because of my mindset. At night, I am not hungry nor do I feel compelled.
— Jeanette

I help self-help junkies, do-or-die leaders and self-sacrificing martyrs transform into authentic mentors who have more than enough energy to live their best lives.

BEST YOU is unlike any other health/wellness/life coaching program. I don’t tell you what worked for me. I help you work out what will work for you. Together we tap into the most important thing holding you back.

It’s not just about health. You might come to me for health reasons, but end up falling in love with your spouse again. You will definitely come out loving yourself more.

Being your BEST YOU is about taking care of yourself, becoming more intuitive and aware of who you are. It’s about fulfilling your life’s purpose and having the energy, joy and self-worth to do so. It’s about thriving in a way that is naturally who you are. Believing that what you want is yours and is already within you, belonging to the full experience of success, becoming who you were meant to be.

This is for you if you are sick and tired of following someone else’s game plan. If you have done a lot of self-help work and are looking for something more powerful and lasting. If you want to fast-track your way to more fulfilled relationships, optimal health and outstanding success.

Breathing is now not just something I do to live. It is enjoyable, calming, peaceful, re-energizing, and actually improving my digestion and nutrient absorption. I feel more hydrated, happy, grateful, amorous, and in love.
— Kevin

Are you ready to be your BEST YOU?

To work with me:

  1. Book a free clarity call to get one major AHA and see if we’d like to work together

  2. Choose your program

Individual Coaching.jpg
  • Start anytime

  • Weekly 60-minute phone calls

  • Additional support via email

  • Access to my private Facebook community

Best for: Busy professionals who have very specific, targeted goals for themselves

Duration: 3 months

group coaching 1.jpg
  • Start September 2019

  • Weekly 75-minute video calls

  • Additional support via email

  • Access to my private Facebook community

Best for: Leaders who like to learn through in a supportive group environment

Duration: 3 months

learning playground 1.jpg
  • Start September 2019

  • Weekly videos + coaching labs

  • Monthly group coaching calls

  • Additional support via email + FB community

Best for: Leaders who love working with partners for peer support and accountability

Duration: 6 months

Working with Crystal has impacted not only me, but also the people I serve. When I act and speak from my heart, then it inspires others to do the same because they are witnessing me being my authentic self.
— Dina