Restore Your Natural Strength

Creating regenerative lifestyle supports for the high functioning, highly sensitive

Deep thoughts, intense feelings, and unseen parts welcome

Rebalancing equal opportunity, one attuned moment at a time

You get an open-minded and big hearted coach and community that practices empathy, regulation, channelling and co-creation to rebalance the effects of being part of a 20-30% minority in society. Inevitably, you reconnect with your innate skills, you restore your natural strength,

and you create a regenerative life that deeply serves you and others as nature intended.


30 day journey of coworking to help you follow through by up to 95%.


guided goal creation and visualization for embodied motivation (25% likelihood of follow through)

guided timeline and plan creation for concrete actioning (50% likelihood of follow through)

space to share, to secure commitments (65% likelihood of follow through)

over 12 hours of weekly coworking times for inevitable actioning accountability (95% likelihood of follow through)

Change Journeys

6 or 12 week group and individual experiences that hold you in a safely stretching container as we create foundational healthy lifestyle habits. Restore your natural energy, significance, and fulfillment without the guilt, shame and force. Science rooted, trauma informed, experientially refined and led through co-creation. This is the most invested and comprehensive option that includes additional private session(s) and weekly gatherings. Offered 1-3x per year or by request.

60-150min weekly, $222-3333

Private Sessions

1 or 3 session packages to dive deep into your exact desire, challenge, or question. Regulate your body, release hidden blocks, receive inner wisdom, and get clarity on a practical next step quickly and effectively. 3 session packages are the most popular choice for long term clients, giving the most flexible and customized path to resolution.

25 or 60 min upon request, $111-444

Weekly Gatherings

Drop in or be a regular member. Receive regular co-regulation, processing, co-channeling and co-creation options. Be seen, heard, felt and understood, exactly as you are and watch yourself expand. No coaching or advice, unless requested. This is the most consistent option for community support. 50-52 gatherings per year.

60-90min weekly , $11 drop in

About me

What you have access to --> what that might mean for you

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trait

HSPs' brains generally take in more information, process more deeply and have more mirror neuron activation which translates to more empathy.

This may mean you feel more "seen" and "felt" with access to more insight into yourself. It often means more accurate guidance and hence, more aligned results. It may also mean that we go deeper than you're used to, more sensations and emotions are processed, and you will be called to be more honest than you have ever been with yourself.

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17 yrs HR, 7 yrs Coaching with 3 yrs of Healing modalities

I've created 2 people-focused HR departments almost from scratch, supported the 'fastest growing company in Alberta' from 5 - 120 employees in 2 years, and coached and cleared big hearted and highly functional executives, entrepreneurs and creators in habit change and lifestyle mastery.

You get an experienced professional with a broad and relatable perspective, intimate knowledge of nuances around organizational, team, and individual change, integrated scientific and spiritual approaches to restoring and regenerating energy for change, and a tenacity to uncover custom pathways that feel good to diverse individuals.

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Training and Other Interests

MBA, Certified Health Coach. Certified Life Coach. Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Certificate. Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner. Reiki Master. Gabor Mate's Healing Trauma and Addiction Certificate. Judith Orloff's Empath's Survival Guide. Speaker for One Woman International; Fearless Woman Conference. WimHof breath and cold exposure, Thomas Huebl's collective healing wisdom, meditation, frequencies, Photobiomodulation (low level laser therapy). Reiki. Sunrise walks. Co-channeling. Journaling. Regenerative Gardening. Worm farm. Laying hens. Family. Yoga. Healing Circles. Friendship Hikes

You receive a wide range of information, experiences, connections, perspectives, and opportunities for joint interest co-creation.

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Those I've Worked With

Some of my current and past clients: Engineer and animation artist, writer and creator. Csuite leader, akashic records and human design guide. Cartographer and musician. Ex teacher, Spiritual medium and intuitive coach. Ex corporate leader and spirtual guide. Ex Olympic contender to business owner. Writer, director, holistic film producer and trauma informed coach. Cattle grazer and Young Living Diamond leader. Ex Nurse Practitioner and Transformational Coach. Ex Law Partner and Hay Farmer. Teacher's Aide and Prophetic Mystic.

All of the diverse parts of you are welcome here. We might geek out talking about potential and kinetic energy one moment and be crying together as we clear ancestral wounds the next moment. You get an open-minded and big hearted coach and community that practices empathy, regulation, channelling and co-creation regularly. Inevitably, your innate intuitive and life skills grow, you restore your natural strength and you create a regenerative life that deeply serves you and others.

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About you

Client's experiences and reflections

A tiny sample of the hundreds of client reflections received

from group journeys, private sessions, and member gatherings.

"What was most helpful is that you let me word vomit...reframing and reflecting, and helping me stay on track.

You don't try to change me. You help me work with who I am in a way that gets things done. It's helping me more than any professional service I've had in all my life" - 12 Week Beta Course Creation participant 2023

"It was cool to feel my spiritual clairvoyance come through the [guided visualization] - Member gathering participant 2023

" Vocal exercise felt so good and necessary...also vulnerable" - Co-created member workshop "Healing Through Sound" participant 2022

"I was trying to be what someone else wanted me to be and it wasn't serving me. I know now I wasn't meant to suffer. I am worth it, I am enough" -12 Week BEYOUrownhealer participant 2021

"[Crystal's] coaching has allowed me new awareness for how I think and act in order to make change towards my goals. Her ability to help you identify triggers and change your pattern right before they occur has been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend!" - 12 Week BESTYOU Transformation participant 2018

"Crystal is skilled at getting to the crux of an issue quickly. With intuition and compassion she pulled out an effective mental exerise that helped me find clarity, make a decision, and create forward movement. Something that had me stuck for months, literally dissolved in a moment..I was able to make a plan, schedule it, and make a plan to contact her once complete" - Private session package participant 2017

How and Why It Works

This is our approach. Our norms create conditions for deep safety. This allows us to explore our mind, body, and spirit connections.

The more wholly we connect, the more wholly we tap into the collective wisdom that serves us all.


Share your lived stories as an ongoing learner, rather than an authority as if you have already arrived

Trauma informed

Honour presence, awareness and choice to attune to yourself and heal. "The root of all trauma is lack of attunement" - G, Mate

HSP friendly

Deep processing, empathy, and attuned awareness is supported through structure, tone and pace


Norms are facilitated to ensure safety, however what we create together is led by those that show up together


We trust and seek mutual symbiosis - a yes in both our bodies - before moving forward

Impeccable truth

Images, sensations, emotions, and thoughts are shared with impeccable honesty moment by moment, holding space exactly as you are. This is unconditional love

Continuous breath

Deep, slow, long breaths, especially with a longer exhale clears tension, brings back regulation, and trains nervous system to a new baseline of safety

You as authority

Listen to your body, learn it's messages, and trust it's responses to guide you every step of the way. You are your authority, even when outside authority says different


Attune to yourself first with 90% attention within your body and attune 10% to others with loving energy, creating an "I feel you feeling into me" collective healing experience -T, Hubl

Choose Your Best Fit


  • Weekly Gatherings

  • Connection Email

  • Member Creation Library*

  • Member Discussion Forum* (not social media)

  • Private Sessions

  • Group Journeys

  • Mini Co-creation

  • Quarterly Business Spotlight*

  • Referral Gifting*

  • Co-created Workshops



~ one time, for life

for HSPs wanting to stay connected. Thank you for growing this energetic movement

  • 1 Weekly Gathering/month

  • Weekly Connection Email

  • Member Creation Library (view)

  • Member Discussion Forum



~ per month, or $220 /year

for high functioning HSPs

in creation; wanting connection, channeling, co-creation and community

  • 4+ Weekly Gatherings

  • Weekly Connection Email

  • Member Creation Library (edit)

  • Member Discussion Forum

  • 50% off Private Sessions

  • 30% off Group Journeys

  • Weekly Mini Co-creation



~per month, or $330/year

for high functioning HSPs in creation; wanting connection, channeling, co-creation community and wokshop support

  • 4+ Weekly Gatherings

  • Weekly Connection Email

  • Member Creation Library (edit)

  • Member Discussion Forum

  • 50% off Private Sessions

  • 30% off Group Journeys

  • Weekly Mini Co-Creation

  • Quarterly Business Spotlight

  • Referral Gifting

  • Co-created Workshop Support

*coming soon


This is my free flowing messy space where I share my ponderings through writing, speaking, and other forms.

3 Ways Sitting with My Fears Fed My Freedom

3 Ways Sitting with My Fears Fed My Freedom

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Do I dare?

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