What is a Health and Lifestyle Coach?


be change that lasts


What is a Health and Lifestyle Coach?


be change that lasts

Welcome Talented Leader

As leaders, we know that who we are, more than what we do influences the success of those we lead, in our home, at our workplaces, and in our greater communities. We also know that we can only take others as far as we are willing to go ourselves. So what happens when all your “doing” is taking a toll on who you are “being”? That is your sign. It’s time to bring the BEST YOU back into balance. When you thrive, others thrive. So what now?

Your first step: Recognize yourself

  • You are:

    • an innovative entrepreneur

    • big visioning business owner

    • heart-centered corporate leader

    • creative influencer (artist, musician, actor)

    • high drive leader in the family or community

  • You have spent years giving of yourself generously for everyone else’s benefit

  • You love giving and you don’t want to stop

  • But, ignoring your needs is starting to take its toll on your health, happiness and even what you love most

Your second step: Recognize what you want

  • You are finally ready to transform your self sacrificing habits to sustainable habits

  • You are finally ready to thrive while you give even more to what you love

  • You are finally ready to say yes to:

    • more energy

    • increased productivity

    • healing bodies

    • inner happiness

    • deeper connections

    • lasting success

Your goal is to become part of the radical growing movement of leaders taking a stand for a thriving world, by transforming their own self-sacrificing habits and rituals to their thriving counterparts, one transformational coaching conversation at a time. By doing so, you are being the change you wish to see in the world.

Your final step: Book a no obligation BEST YOU Discovery call with me.

See if this unique neuroscience-based coaching approach will give you the results you want.



Success Stories


Success Stories

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I started working with Crystal because I wanted to get more consistency with my habits. My biggest struggle before was allowing my perfectionism to slow my progress. By the end of the 90 day program, I was able to accept myself as I was while creating space for improvement. I am most proud of myself for being open to possibility. This is important to me because I know I can't experience change with the same mindset and actions. It requires new beliefs and new actions. This experience has impacted not only me, but also the people I serve - my own health coaching clients, my friends, and colleagues. I continue to deepen my ability to speak with my real voice ... and to not fear doing so.  When I act and speak from my heart, then it inspires others to do the same because they are witnessing me being my authentic self.

I feel like I'm shining more ... and for that, I am most grateful!

What I appreciated most about Crystal is her wisdom, spiritual underpinning to her work, mind/body integration, and that she embraces who I am. She is not judgmental, but is compassionate, and creates a really safe space to express what is true for me. It can be easy to be patronizing with this work, and it is not like that at all with Crystal. She is very genuine, holds space, and is insightful.  I love the way she raises awareness of your emotional trigger, reinforces self love & self empowerment, and guides people in the direction of where they want to go, instead of focusing on where they are. 

I was quite affected by the progression of the connection among the women of the group. It didn't happen overnight, but that energetic connection makes a group experience so amazing! The biggest difference in this approach compared to what I have tried in the past was feeling that human element. I've never addressed weight loss in this kind of community before. I did Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and other programs.  But, those programs did not create sustainable habit change or personal growth and connection the way Crystal's group coaching has.

If you are considering health coaching and your heart is calling you to it, then I would say that you are MEANT to DO it!


I started working with Crystal because I wanted to make a change and do something different. By the end of the 90 day program, I was able to see a change, feel a change and like myself more. It is what I had been working for whether I realized it or not, and I can feel the shift. My husband Greg likes the fact that I am not as critical.

What I appreciated about Crystal's approach was that she was always supportive and open, even when I was critical to myself. I was most surprised that it was as helpful as it was! The biggest difference in this experience was that there was never talk of depriving myself. I would say to others considering coaching, "Do it! At least once to try it. Really make the commitment to work the program and just allow yourself to be open and experience it."


When I first started my journey with Crystal, I was not moving for a long time, and I was looking to operate my body in a way that allows it to function at its best. I was also open to being a better coach, a better man, and a better steward of the extraordinary body I was given. Some of my obstacles included being taken out of an exercise and eating routine, especially while traveling and not having fun or losing connection to the process.

After 90 days, my actions, thinking, and feelings have all shifted. I am moving every day, drinking lots of water and eating just enough for energy. I think about food differently. I enjoy it, am grateful for it, and appreciating the colours, aroma, textures, variety and taste more. Breathing is not just something I do to live. It is enjoyable, calming, peaceful, re-energizing, and actually improving my digestion and nutrient absorption. I feel more hydrated, happy, grateful, amorous, and in love.

The biggest overall result is that I feel like I am being a better man. I am being who I am and I'm owning that.


Completed Individual and Group 90 Day Intensive


Completed Phase 2


Completed Phase 2



I started working with Crystal because I wanted to become more confident and grow as a person. By the end of the 90 day program, I was able to achieve my business goals and equip myself with strategies and tools I will use for the rest of my life. Often it's us that hold ourselves back, and investing in coaching has allowed me to break through my blocks!

I most looked forward to getting one on one coaching and getting through a block. What I found most challenging was slowing down for coaching when it was a busy week. What I appreciated most about Crystal's approach is that I could move quickly through my issues, and she was ready to coach me where I was at. The biggest difference between coaching and other things I've tried in the past was that it is more tailored to my needs. Also, I was fascinated how I was the youngest in the group but could relate to others' struggles 100%; there was always something to pull from!

What I would say to someone else considering coaching: "Do it!" It is something that I will continue investing in throughout the course of my life, and I encourage the people that I love to do it too.


I worked with Crystal through the BEST YOU 90 Day Individual and Group programs. By the end of the 90 day group program, I was able to include new high energy foods into my routine. I have more energy and I feel fuller so I'm not looking for snacks. The overall energy lets me enjoy the long days of summer and not get tired. I feel like I can walk forever! My work out group also noticed a different energy level and have said that I look trimmer. I also focus on more positive thoughts. This makes it easier to respond more positively to things that come up. The biggest difference this makes is how I work on habits in the future. In the long run I can continue applying these tools in my life.

What I appreciate most about Crystal's approach is her care and professionalism. I could see her face in the group video sessions (individual sessions were on the phone). Her emotions in her face really reflected how much she cared. She is very professional - always on time and prepared, which shows respect as we are all busy. I was most surprised with how much I learned from the group, especially after doing the individual program that was all about me, me, me. The biggest difference in this approach compared to what I have tried in the past was that I'm not doing it on my own, I have someone to bounce things off of, and I have someone in my corner.

If you are considering health coaching I would say, meet with Crystal and do the discovery session. Ask questions. Crystal is not pushy and it's a decision you can make together to find out fit.


When I started working with Crystal, I was feeling like I had lost motivation, I was feeling foggy, feeling like I was in a weird rut, and finding myself saying, "Why aren't you doing more?" I had feelings of guilt and obligation.

After my 90 day journey, I'm out of the rut for sure! I am more motivated and intentional. I've begun to set boundaries instead of trying to fit it all in. I am choosing to be present. I have left behind a lot of guilt, and I am remembering things better. I am focusing on what I "get" to do with my time, not what I "have" to do. Also, I am also more aware of WHY I am eating.

I would definitely consider coaching again. I realize that little changes are big changes and they have made a huge difference in my thought process and my actions! I can see the value in that. I have confidence in moving forward and I'm not nervous that things will go back to what they were because I understand the reasons behind my actions.

This was such a cool process. I didn't know what I needed and how you were going to do that for me. You guided the conversation and always knew exactly where I needed to go.



When I started working with Crystal for Phase 2 of the BEST YOU program, I was curious how it would shift to other aspects of my life. We talked about topics such as business, relationships, abundance, and life purpose. If you think Phase 1 was impressive, you haven't even scratched the surface! Focusing on personal relationships and business had even more impact on my life.

I'm super grateful for the growth that my husband and I have had working with Crystal. Being coached has made our lives so much better. Before, there was much that held me back. I didn't see abundance as a way of helping others and in business. I would hope that what I was saying was meaningful. In relationships, I would look to others to fill a need. I didn't know what track I was meant to be on, and was floating around being bumped here and there.

Now, I can see how we can create a ton of abundance to contribute in various ways. I ask better questions, coach others to ask better questions, and this has been tremendous for my business. When I want something, I give that. I look within. If someone asks, "Would you want to go to dinner?" I ask myself, "Do I want to? What else would I love to do?" and let it guide me.

I appreciate Crystal's professionalism - being on time and ending on time. I said yes to Phase 3 of the program because she focuses on what is very real and present in my life. Her exercises and approaches gave me the support to shift major parts of my life! Without her support, my relationships would not be as healthy as they are now. I will continue one on one coaching as it is sustainable for me long term!



I started working with Crystal because I wanted to get some useful information, tips and tricks for getting to a healthy weight. I did get this, however my goals ended up shifting to greater self awareness. Before the 90 day program, I was easily overwhelmed by the little things, I found myself being a martyr at times, I would have fast food two to three times per week and exercise was rare.

By the end of the 90 day program, I can say that I am able to see myself as worthy. This is so important to me because I know I'm not going to be the best mom to my two boys unless I have that self worth. The biggest impact this has made on my life is that I am more genuine with people that I meet and have stronger relationships as a result.  I am choosing to find the good in people. I put myself in a priority position so that I can serve others better! I have gone back to yoga which was a huge success for me. I also stopped eating fast food as I just don't enjoy it and would rather go to Freshii to get a big bowl of quinoa and vegetables. I crave good food!

What I appreciate most is that Crystal's approach instilled that I did have it in me! It gave me the confidence and comfort to say what I needed, ideas to flow, and to speak my truth. This was different from other approaches I have tried because I felt the learning was brought out of me rather than me being told or being fed information. For those considering coaching, I would say, see yourself as a worthy investment. We are not always built with the capacity to have that level of self awareness, and having that gentle nudging is a great way to open ourselves up to a better you!

I now feel ready and capable of taking on the challenge of growing my own business from home so I can spend more time with the people that  mean the most to me. My utmost gratitude to you Crystal for helping me see that I can do it! 


I have worked with Crystal for over 6 months now and through 2 phases of her 90 day program. For me, the second 90 days tuned into specific areas that I had a deeper rooted interest. I was surprised that there was a curriculum in all stages. 

My life feels so different now. Before, I was filled with anxiety around the cycles of work. I felt like everyone I'm working with, I was working against. Now, I feel like I get to work with everybody and it presents me with more opportunity. There is room for everybody. Before, I would get tense and frustrated when my kids came by while I was working. Now, I feel more calm, take time to be with them for a few minutes, and they seem to understand when I need to get back to work. When it came to food, I could easily pound back foods like bacon in large quantities when it was readily available. Now, I'm making decisions of what and how much food would be best for me. 

If you are considering health coaching, here's what I would say - I used to laugh because we had a very successful boss that would go to coaching. I used to think, why would he even think about that?", he has his shit together. Now I understand. It is life changing if you want to make those changes. I'm blown away and proud of the changes I've made! I don't know what is next for me in phase 3 but I'm excited. I don't want to land lock myself and build a moat around me, but open up to others people and opportunities. I feel like I'm still growing and spreading wings! 




When I first came to Crystal, I could not sit and get up without pain due to inflammation. I would get overwhelmed with emotions of guilt and panic. Change felt hard. I snacked every night and could not have a grasp of good snacks and meals. I also LOVED sugar, worse than heroine I'm sure! I would become defeated very quickly and say, "Screw it, I don't know what is really working, I'll just open the wine and a bag of chips."

I am thrilled that now that so much has changed. I can hug my 4 year old without pain. I'm eating well and feeling great. I am meal planning and preparing snacks. I don't feel denied and feel more freedom because of my mindset. I had a huge mind shift. At night, I am not hungry nor do I feel compelled. I don't have sugar now, I have dates instead. I don't have wine, I have kombucha. I have been AIP since October and I have never given in! 

What I most enjoyed about the experience is the awakening I experienced. Having Crystal gently guide me through discovery and self awareness laid the foundation for real change. She was able to help me with each baby step of change which led to an invaluable transformation.



When I started in the program my biggest struggle was truly accepting myself, but I don't think I knew it at the time. I can only see that now, looking back.

I am thrilled that now that I can do things that I never thought I would be able to do like mirror work. The biggest difference this has made in my life is getting me closer to accepting myself and others. I was surprised at how the experience was leading me in a different direction than I thought I was wanting to go initially. 

I really appreciated how Crystal let me guide the conversation but also led me with examples when needed. She was non-judgemental, and I really felt she was ok with where I was at. It was a wonderful eye opening journey, and it all started with this program.

To those considering this program I say, "Do it now and don't wait! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"


About Me



About Me




Crystal Young is a Certified Health Coach that brings her lifelong passion for psychology, wellness, coaching and optimal performance together for what she sees as her life's calling. Crystal relishes in every moment of transformation as it fuels her love for what she considers "the best job in the world."  

What's unique about Crystal? She REALLY loves to learn. She loves to learn about people. She loves to learn about high impact topics. She loves to learn about people mastering high impact topics. The formal experience also helps - she has over fifteen years of HR Management experience working with management, teams and individuals. Coaching for Performance was her favourite course of her MBA program. She has designed training programs, is educated in adult learning, and has been accused of caring too much about the people she works with. She genuinely wants to see people get the results they desire - and a little more. 

Clients describe the coaching journey with Crystal as intuitively empathetic, naturally calming, deeply insightful, and gently able to push for growth. This gives clients an easy, comfortable, and supportive space to step into their best selves with clarity, inspiration, and confidence.

Would you like to know more? Go to my blog.

Fear is excitement on hold
— Stacey Morgenstern



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